Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teen Programs

ePrep Demonstration DXY647
Drop that expensive SAT Prep Course and learn how to use this new online test preparation resource. Registration is underway.

Project Excel Employment Counselor
Wednesdays, November 16 & 3, Decmeber 7 & 14, 2:30-3:30 pm (DH)
A job counselor will be available in th eTeen Area to help guide you in your job search. No registration required.

Corner of 6th & 7th
Pumpkin, Pumpkin & More Pumpkin DXY645
Thursday, November 17, 7 pm (DH)
Create your own pumpkin mousse parfait, truffles and cider. Registration begins 11/3.

Homemade Belgian Waffles and Ice Cream Sundaes DXY646
Thursday, December 29, 6:30 pm (DH)
Make waffles from scratch and top them off with ice cream, whip cream, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate syrup and bananas. Registration begins 12/8.


Reita Faria said...

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